About Us

RMS Designz Studio - the Firm

Formed by Rohit M. Singla in August 2009, RMS Designz Studio, an interior designing firm based in Calcutta, specializes in creating need-based interiors. The firm as a whole entity believes in keeping quality, design and customer satisfaction on top of its priority list. It strives to leave no stone unturned to achieve exactly what the client requires, without making any compromises in the design and quality of the service. The firm puts no limits on the location of the client or where the work needs to be done – it could be anywhere in India, or outside.

“We, at RMS Designz Studio, believe in challenging our abilities to the
fullest to bring to our clients innovative design ideas by pushing our
minds to no limits.”
- Rohit M. Singla

Rohit M. Singla - the Designer

With an MBA in Construction and a 4 year experience in the same, Rohit stresses on utilizing spaces to create a balanced environment around you. Armed with a Diploma in Interiors, he believes that anywhere you live – be it your home or your workplace, aesthetically it should be appealing to the client’s, that is, your sensibilities.